JOIN US! The new Punky Pets short; "Down On The Bayou" is seeking financing, actors and producers!

The Punky Pets Team

Paula Unger - Creator, background in Clothing Design, Merchandising, producer of animated short films, music videos and games.

Charles Unger - Co-creator, background in filmmaking, TV, writer/director of animated short films, music videos and games.


The Punky Pets Goal

We are seeking financing for our next animated short film Punky Pets “Down On The Bayou.” This film, like others we’ve made, will be a short version of a larger piece. Our goal is to use our films to get our own animated series. We’ve described the concept, the characters and outlined the first season’s episodes in our Series Bible. We’ve already produced animated music videos and two short films prior to this one; the most recent one “Playing Party Politics” was screened at The Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival. We are currently in negotiations with an international distribution company to distribute our second short film worldwide. We have worked for over five years towards developing this idea into a possible franchise but we need your help to continue our dream.


The Punky Pets Want You

Join our team and make history! We are asking for $40,000 to finance our short film. First, the production money will pay for drawing storyboards, creating artwork, producing the animation and covering expenses for casting and recording the actor’s voices. Second, the money will also be used for Post-Production expense like editing, recording the original music, licensing other music, sound effects editing and mixing the final soundtrack. Third, the remaining funds will be used for film festivals, marketing expenses such as key artwork, social media costs and some distribution expenses.


$20 USD Punky Pets Plushie

For your donation of $20 to our campaign we will send you one of four different Punky Pets Clip on Plush Dolls. To see the plushies click on our store at

$50 USD Punky Pets Gift Bag

For your donation of $50 you will receive a Punky Pets Gift Bag that includes a Punky Pets Plushie, Punky Pets Buttons, Stickers, T-Shirt, and a DVD of the Punky Pets Music Videos.

$100 USD Screenplay , DVD, and Gift Bag

For a contribution of $100 you will receive a Signed Copy of the Script, a DVD of the Short Film, and a Full Punky Pets Gift Bag . You will also get a special thanks IMDB Credit on the film.

$1,000 USD Executive Producer

For your generous donation of $1000 you will receive an executive Producer IMDB Credit on the Animated Short Film "Punky Pets Down on the Bayou". You will also receive a copy of the screenplay, a DVD of the short film and a Punky Pets Gift Bag.

$5,000 USD Voice a Punky Pets Character

An Incredibly Generous Donation of $5000 will get you a speaking part in the Animated short film, which will include a "Voice By" acting IMDB credit. You will also receive a signed copy of the script, a DVD of the short and a Punky Pets Gift Bag.


The Punky Pets Want To Work Together

We’re offering some very cool perks for whatever you can donate. Some of these include, IMDB Acting credits, Producer Credits and Special Thanks credits. We also have gift bags, plush toys of the characters, buttons, T-Shirts and autographed Screenplays and completed DVD’s. Thanks for your help. If you can’t donate, no problem, you can still help us by telling your friends about us. We are committed to this project and truly believe that we’ll make our film one-way or the other. If we don’t raise the entire $40,000, we’ll still use whatever we do raise to produce our film. Trust in us, because we promise to deliver.


The Punky Pets Work Hard

We wouldn’t dream of asking for your money if we hadn’t already proven ourselves with our other short films and music videos. Our latest project “Down On The Bayou” is only a screenplay and a set of storyboards right now, but we promise it will be our most ambitious project to date! We need to make this film because we feel it will fully represent what our franchise can be! We’ve been working towards this film for over five years. It won’t be easy, but we’ve been through some tough times in the past, and have pushed through it. It wasn’t easy to get a booth at Comic-con, or travel across the country with the Vans Warped Tour. We’ve come back from many film festivals empty handed. However, our recent trip to The Cannes Film Festival lead to a distribution deal for Playing Party Politics. “The harder we work, the luckier we get.” We’re persistent, patient, maybe even obsessed, but that’s what it takes. We can do it!


The Punky Pets Thank You

We have been very lucky to have such great supportive fans. We enjoy meeting you in person and on-line. Our social media pages let us interact with everyone one to one. We are truly honored to have over 36,000 likes on Face Book. We have over 70 You Tube videos that continue to get great comments. This didn’t happen overnight and we didn’t do it alone. Teamwork makes it all possible. The Punky Pets formed a band and came together to achieve their dreams of musical stardom; we hope you’ll join our team to help us all achieve our full potential.


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